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Here in Tuscany - Day Four and Five

DAY FOUR: This morning we waved goodbye to our friendly hosts in Chianciano Terme and transferred to our new home for the rest of the tour.

On our way, having driven through some more beautiful scenery, we stopped at the Valdichiano Outlet Shopping Mall for some lunch and retail therapy. It even had trampolines for the more active of us to enjoy.

Our new home for the next few days is the Hotel Maestoso in Montecatini. Once we had settled into our rooms there was time for a play in the pool before another four course dinner and an early night.

DAY FIVE: Can often be an interesting day! If anything is going to go wrong it is usually on day 5! Today started well with a later breakfast and everyone down in time. We boarded the coach to go to the beach at Marina de Pietrasanta. Unfortunately the coach wouldn’t go anywhere so we walked to the park while we waited for a replacement. The new coach was very luxurious and we were soon on the way to the sea.

We found a lovely public beach and settled down on the very hot sand.

Lots of the group enjoyed the sea and others sat at the cafe for a ‘quiet’ drink. Eventually, lunch called and we climbed back on the coach and headed for the walled city of Lucca.

This beautiful city was quite busy as it was a Saturday afternoon but we all found something to eat and time for a short bit of sightseeing.

Back at the hotel there was time for another swim before dinner and after dinner we walked a short way down the road to the church of St Antonio where we performed to an enthusiastic audience including other guests from the hotel.

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