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How Can I keep from Singing

We wanted to bring Southend’s musicians together to create a song which had a real meaning during the pandemic. “How Can I Keep From Singing?”, particularly when choral singing has not been permitted for over 17 months, seemed to be very appropriate.

We were delighted that many musicians took part, both from Southend and from miles away, current and past singers with the choir and their families and friends, to raise funds for some of our most vulnerable communities.

As Southend Choirs, we enjoy raising money for many charities through our performances but this has obviously been curtailed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you enjoy watching this video please consider donating to our two Southend charities, both giving practical help, supporting local people and families through some of their most difficult times.

Our arrangement of the song by Rev. Robert Lowry, is by Mike Stephens and the video was edited by Daniel and Emma Stephens. Roger Humphries is the Musical Director.

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